Logan Paul releases suicide documentary: Be Here Tomorrow

Logan Paul received backlash following a controversal Youtube video he posted on January 1, 2018  where he recorded a video of suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest, commonly known as the Suicide Forest.

A few million views later he took down his YouTube video.

Subsequently after he deleted the video he apologized on Twitter saying he thought he could make a positive ripple on the internet.

After the backlash on January 2, 2018 Paul posted an apology video on Twitter with the caption “So sorry” where he discusses his mistake for over a minute.

If that wasn’t enough he also posted on twitter again on January 3, 2018 with the caption “taking time to refelct. no vlog for now. see you soon.”

Since then we haven’t heard from him: until now.

On January 4, 2018 Logan Paul posted a YouTube video with the title “Suicide: Be Here Tomorrow where he talks to Kevin Hines, who was 19 when he attempted suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.

He has spent three weeks talking to different people who attempted suicide in order to further understand the complexity of suicide.

I know I’ve made mistakes. I know I’ve let people down. But when happens when you’re given an opportunity to help make a difference in the world, he says. “It’s time to learn from the past as they get better and grow as a human being. I’m here to have a hard conversation so that those who are suffering can have an easier one.”

He had a discussion with Bob Forrest where he said he’s never known anyone that committed suicide and that was “part of the problem–just my ignorance on the topic”.

Logan Paul sitting down talking to Bob Forrest, lead vocalist and lyricist for Los Angeles bands Thelonious Monster and The Bicycle Thief.

But he knows he wants to be a solution to the problem–and that solution happened to take him to New York to meet with Dr. John Draper, director of the National Suicide Prevention lifeline.


Dr. Draper tells Logan what the 5 steps are to prevent suicide.

Step 1: Ask. Ask yourself or others if they are thinking about suicide.

Step 2: Listen. Be present and don’t make any judgments.

Step 3: Be there for them.

Step 4: Help connect. An example would be a therapist, friends, or family members.

Step 5: Check on them. Let them know you care.

At the end of his video he says “From this point on i want to make an effort to contribute and immerse myself in the conversation so I’m pledging to donate $1 million to various suicide prevention organizations.”








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