INSIDE: NE-YO and wife Crystal Smith’s gender reveal party







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People Magazine

NE-YO and wife Crystal Smith threw a charitable party on Saturday in Los Angeles for their 2nd child together to find out the gender.

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People Magazine

The gender reveal party was a royal-blue theme decorated by planner Cairo’s Custom Events, and hosted by publicist Anita Chatterjee (who is also the baby’s godmother), Project Fly LA and The Smith Family Foundation, which NE-YO and his family founded in 2007.

People Magazine

Afterwards the guests and the couple’s 22-month-old son Shaffer Chimere Jr. — all went up on the rooftop to shoot off powder guns to reveal a blue hue, meaning little Shaffer would be getting a baby brother.

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People Magazine

Afterwards NE-YO posted on Instagram with the caption “@itscrystalsmith My Queen. I know you had your heart set on a girl. To be honest I did too. But clearly you were born to give the world Kings!”

Crystal Smith also posted on Instagram I guess I was made to breed savages! she says, “Maddie was upset she says we have to give her a sister next cause she doesn’t want to be the only girl anymore!!”

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