Jordyn Woods posts photo on Instagram that looks nothing like her; receives backlash for using Facetune

Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend, has been accused on Instagram for using Facetune, a face tuning app. Not only that, but it appears she is deleting comments that say she is.

🦁 @hairareus

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Here is what her face looks like without Facetune:

LA Car Chronicles

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Instagrammer’s are quick to call her out on it some saying its surgery or Facetune.


One user says “So this clearly isn’t real”


Another says “Facetune. She still is the chubby chick we love/ hate”


One says “Surgery”


And another says “you look so different holy sh*t”.

Later she posted a photo of her on her story that looks almost identical to the one she had previously posted on Instagram.


Her nose and face look the exact same as the one from her photo prior. It is a possibility that she just did a good nose and face contour or  the angle.

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