7 bads habits that are damaging your car

1.) Neglecting to put your parking brake on


credit: auto.howstuffworks.com


Even if you’re parked on a level surface, there’s really no reason not to use the parking brake, says Popular Mechanics. “Not engaging the parking brake puts the entire weight of your vehicle on a little piece of metal in the transmission called the parking pawl. It’s only about as big as your finger, so it can wear out or break eventually from holding all that weight.”

Using the parking brake evens the load, helping delicate transmission components last longer, adds Popular Mechanics.

2.) Driving with the gas on low consistently

Credit: Raidair.com

Putting even $5 or $10 in your car will help prevent damaging your car’s fuel system. Many fuel pumps keep cool by staying submerged in the fuel in the tank, so if you’re regularly running at a quarter full or less, you risk speeding up the need for a fuel pump replacement, says Popular Mechanics. “Paying a little more at the gas station might sting, but it won’t hurt nearly as much as needing a new fuel pump.”

3.) Abruptly switching from reverse to drive

Credit: The Daily Telegraph

When in a rush we can sometimes quickly change the gear but doing this can harm your drivetrain. Instead, come to a complete stop before switching, says Popular Mechanics. “It only adds a second of time and will save you from future engine, transmission, or axle damage.”

4.) Revving the engine before it is warm


Allowing your car to sit and warm up is a great idea; especially during those cold winter months. By waiting 60 seconds it will help distribute oil throughout the engine and get the engine block and engine oil up to temperature. Revving the engine won’t speed up the process. In fact, that could cause easily avoided damage, says Popular Mechanics. “Cold revving causes abrupt temperature changes that create stress between the engine’s tight-fitting components.”

5.) Flooring it when unnecessary

Credit: Popular Mechanics

The problem with speeding up too quickly is that you have to slam on your breaks right away to slow back down. Hard acceleration burns a ton of fuel and places heavy load on drivetrain components, says Popular Mechanics. “Full-force stops cause rapid wear to the brake pads and rotors.”

6.) Using the breaks downhill

Credit: Unknown

Sometimes you’ve got to brake when going downhill to keep from going way too fast. But this causes heat to build up in the brake pads and rotors, causing wear and increasing the risk that they will overheat or warp, says Popular Mechanics. “As a solution, try shifting into a lower gear. The natural decompression that occurs in the drivetrain will help keep the car at a safe speed.”

7.) Resting your hand on the shift


Leaving your hand on the shifter puts strain on the transmissions bushings and synchronizers, leading to premature wear, says Popular Mechanics.

All information from Popular Mechanics. I chose to only use 7 of their 10 because I found these the most important.

Featured photo: Butlerautogroup.wordpress.com


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